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Wednesday 7 January

1.15 – 2.00pm             Registration, Foyer, Main Arts, Bangor University

2.00 – 2.10pm             Welcome: Professor Helen Wilcox, Head of the School of English Literature, Bangor University

2.10 – 3.30pm             Session 1: Dirty Romance Chair: Helen Wilcox, Bangor University

Anastasia Ropa, Independent Scholar
‘Women and Manly Dirt: Ladies, Damsels and Horses in the Queste del Saint Graal’

Elizabeth Kinne, Asst. Professor of Comparative Literature and English (Medieval ‘French Studies), The American University of Paris
‘Filthy dealings and feminine circulation in Le Roman de Silence and “Berengier au lonc cul”’

Hannah Priest, Research Associate, Swansea University
‘The Princess’s Toilet: Revisiting Gender and Bodily Functions in Sir Degaré’

3.30 – 3.45pm             Tea/Coffee

3.45 – 4.45pm             Keynote Speaker: Dr Kate Rudy, University of St Andrews
                                    ‘Gender, dirt, religious orders and manuscripts’

5.00pm                        Winner of the GMS Essay Presentation

Thursday 8 January

10.15 – 11.15am         Session 2: Dirty Women in Drama

Chair: Sue Niebrzydowski, Bangor University

Sophia Wilson, PhD Candidate, Kings College, London
‘Erthe, robill and donge and other fylthis’: The Anxiety of Dirty Agency’

Daisy Black, University of Hull
‘In my person I privyde to put me from polucyon’: Corrupted and Corrupting Bodies in the Digby Mary Magdalen

11.15 – 11.45am         Tea/Coffee

11.45 – 1.00pm           Session 3: Spirituality, Women and Dirt
                                    Chair: Liz Herbert McAvoy, Swansea University

Madeleine Pepe, MPhil Candidate, University of Cambridge
“Fader, where wilt thou comaunde that y putte oute that the whiche comithe oute the condites of nature?”: In/continence in the Anchoritic Context’

Laura Williams, PhD Candidate, University of Exeter
‘‘ϸe mukke’ of Marriage: Contamination and the Pain Paradox in The Book of Margery Kempe’

Liz Cox, Early Career Researcher, Swansea University
‘þu art lodlich & unclene: Patriarchal discussion of women in The Owl and the Nightingale’

1.00 – 2pm                  Lunch

2.00 – 3.00pm             Session 4: A Wider European Context for Women and Dirt
                                    Chair: Liz Cox, Swansea University

Elizabeth Hutchin-Bellur, Independent Scholar
Stains and Pollution: How Blood, Water and Dirt Endangered Minority Women in Late Mediaeval and Early Modern Castile’

Sara Elin Roberts, University of Chester
‘Down and Dirty in Medieval Wales’

3.00 – 3.15pm             Tea/Coffee

3.15 – 4.30pm             Bangor’s Dirty Books – A Session in the Bangor University Archives

Friday 9 January

10.00 – 11.15 am        Session 6: Dirty Words

Natalie Hanna, PhD Candidate, University of Liverpool
‘Chaucer’s Prayer “To wasshe sinful soul”’

Sue Niebrzydowski, School of English, Bangor University
‘In the pryvee softely it caste’: Men’s Declarations of Love and Women’s Responses in Chaucer’s Miller’s and Merchant’s Tales

Victoria Blud, University of York
‘Dirty Words from Dirty Birds: Gendered Insults and the Use of Abuse in The Owl and the Nightingale

11.15 – 11.30              Tea/Coffee

11.30 - 12.30               Roundtable

12.30                           GMS Business Meeting

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